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Nestled peacefully in the rolling hills of Kentucky just outside of Louisville lies a distinct farmstead.  What is particularly unique about this place are its owners and their commitment to producing world class beef.

Meet Eric and Helena Anderson owners of Kentucky Hills Wagyu.  Wagyu beef, internationally known for the quality of its taste and marbling, are genetically distinct.  In fact, the Andersons maintain one of the country’s few pure-bred stocks.  Anderson refers to them as “his athletes”.  The animals, noticeably unblemished, physically structured and fit, feature strong muscles and a champion’s swagger and seem to realize their superior difference.

These elite specimens graze on Kentucky Blue Grass (KBG), distinct for its short roots maintaining high amounts of sugar content.  The core of this diet helps add value to the beef’s deep rich flavor.  Further, to round out the marbling process, Anderson finishes the feeding with a custom blend of grain referenced to as “The Brewers Mix”, which has a similar high-end quality and content as that of a premium beer crafted in Belgium’s treasured abbeys for centuries.  Nothing here of quality is left to chance.
 It is their pleasure to invite you to enjoy the unique taste experience of the prized Wagyu beef.

It is their pleasure to invite you to stop by, tour the grounds and enjoy the unique taste experience of the prized Wagyu beef.  

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